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[sticky post] drinking the dream (width) root

So, DW! I plan to keep posting here (for now), but I also have a DW account as crowroad.

(source: Winchester Family Business)
I wrote the fic linked under the cut in February, 2017, after 12 x 12. It's a character study of sorts (though I don't think I could ever write those straight). It feels like a better fit now, maybe? Thinking about world-hopping, endings that are/aren't, Kansas earth, childhood, motherhood, trauma, possession, flashbacks (the family business) and
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One of things I love best about SPN is its collection of ephemera, its lost motels, its gravelly roadsides, the sleeves of plaids and the shakers of salt and the throwaway lines that don't make it onto the gifs.
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Sign up here and write poetry (and we have very inclusive perspectives on what that is) with us at spn_napowrimo (year 4!) for National Poetry Month. Or post your fanworks, including art or prompts, anytime. Banner & hot Baby art above by mod laughablelament.

I wanted to say:

Hello to everyone on my f-list (or who reads this), and how are you? What are you working on/thinking about? I've been working (a lot) on non-fanspace stuff and miss being in community. But I'm caught up on SPN and hope to spend more time here now!

Happy, happy birthday to my bestie, partner-in-poetry, and co-mod over at the re-vamped SPN Poetry Challenge spn_napowrimo, laughablelament! I just re-read some of my faves of hers: April Fools (series of five poems for last year's Poetry Challenge; starts out with the boys "southbound and down" in Tennessee, ends with domestic brotherhood and plates of classic American grub--with a detour for when Baby is happiest), In the Bones (Mary has a map, and meets Missouri), and Exorcism ("back-from-the-dead smut"). No matter what mode--poetry, comedy, fluff, smut--she's working in, her slant-and-visceral use of language, soulfulness, and gut-deep instinct for these characters gets me every time (ETA: If you were into the Dean & Ketch Apocaverse dynamic in 13 x18, and you want to read some sharp-edged (!) S12 Dean/Ketch with a side of witchcraft: LL's just-posted Fancy, written for the deanwbigbang, with art by blindswandive.)

If you want to write poetry with us for National Poetry Month, sign-ups are open here. (Prose poem, found poem, erasure, haiku, drabbles, images, oddball mini-epics, casepoems, lyrical mood-boards; if you think it's poetry, it's welcome--and we really want to celebrate short-ish and/or more experimental forms of all kinds.) Even if you don't want to sign up for the challenge, come over and join/post your stuff/play anytime!

Fic 13 x 18: Nix

Because it's kalliel's birthday (and to counterbalance all the Samangst I've been writing)--some 13 x 18 Dean!

Title: Nix

Warnings/Spoilers/tags: 13 x 18, hurt Dean, fever dreams, metaphysical bullet wounds
Summary: If a bullet hits you in apocaworld…
Dean gets shot in all the ‘verses.

On AO3

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Title: The Richest Wood
Warnings/Spoilers/Tags: 13 x 21, autonomy issues, caretaking of a darker kind, non-con, flashbacks, treks, angst, Americana, walkin' with the devil, borderlands across the 'verses
Summary: Sam's long walk.

title from James Dickey, The Heaven of Animals

On AO3

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After tonight's ep --[Spoiler (click to open)]am feeling very OH SAM, so I'm taking refuge in

three wonderful fills for my prompts at the ohsam < birthday H/C meme!

From indiachick, Soul,
for the prompt "soul -cleansing"-- a painful-beautiful meta (physical) take on birthday-Sam.

From saintsammy, The Seer, for the prompt, "third eye"-- a witchy piece of Sam-art that haunts all the eyes.

From swan_song21, Fall From Grace,
for the prompt "thirst for grace"--a direct hit to Sam's primal fear: powerlessness (mind the tags!)

Catching up on all the fills--thanks to the mods!


Title: red dead redemption
Fic or Art: fic
Hurt or Comfort: comfort
Warnings: remembrance of suicidal ideation, mention of bullet wounds and other injuries
Prompt: by sneezingsam, Dean caring for Sam in the bunker after 11 x 17, Red Meat
Link: Lead him to the memory foam, make him drink

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For spn_napowrimo, a thing inspired by caranfindel's
Cold as a razor blade, tight as a tourniquet, dry as funeral drum, and by the Sam &; Rowena dance I wanted to see after 13 x19. Caranfindel's fic is dark, funny, rich, witchy, and perfect (not to mention rhythmic as a spell)--<3!
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