crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Poem: Genius

Title: Genius
Genre: gen, poetry, litany,prayer
Characters: Sam (POV), Dean, John, Mary, Jessica, Madison (Heart), Kevin Tran, Charlie Bradbury (referenced)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 160
Warnings: 10x21 “Dark Dynasty” (spoilers)
Summary: Memorial, memento mori, elegy, flowers, sins, guilt, family, love.

This speaking for (to) the departed business is hard.

Or: Sam and the beloved dead.

"Oh Satan and man, said there ain't no use in crying"--Led Zeppelin, "Houses of the Holy"

Send a ghost home to his mother; stop
all the watches, slit-wristed, watch
while your brother flares, freaks,
freights on like fire; bide, find
your little sister bloody shoot
again your first wolf, nip and pull
the trigger on your fathers, demon;
brother, demon, self; find your sister
red in a bloody tub, burnt; stop
quail-hearted to plant in dirt
the flameflower, double blossoms for the code
that brought you here, pyre of cedar, salt,
that’s for guilt; delphinium, iris,
that’s for smarts; blues the color of what,
peace, skies, acre of Oz, eyes
of your lover your mother, heaven;
for every one of the dead
memento mori, (I was an angel, pillar,
intent or smoke, et in Arcadia
I am, death. ) Speak their names, genii,
to goodbye, plant seeds on the prairie
for your transgressions, peel back the skin, cry,
pray, take the arm off at the shoulder
in your dreams, cut, love, kneel--
tell your sleeping sister it was hope.
Tags: poem-things
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