crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Seven/Seven WIP meme

Solaughablelament and amberdreams nudged me to post seven sentences from page seven, but alas, none of my WIP's are (ever) that long. Heh. Here're seven sentences anyway, from "You Will See Clearly". Would love to see seven from anyone else who wants to do it, ameliacareful?:

I. Your brother is eye-smackingly, oh-my-god handsome. Your brother has eyes like honey melted in the summer heat, run-over stones mountain-streamed into a pool of starlit (goddamn) spring water. Someone said all that shit, and it can't have been you. When he looks at you, you --

II. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Your brother is a demon, a monster; your brother is the devil's bone-jumped bitch and you, you are a grease-and-rust-handed grunt, and wrecked, and wayward, and alone--

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