crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Ficlet: Veil

Title: Veil
Spoilers/Warnings: S12
Genre: stargazin' Baby’s-hood fic
Words: 100

This is for madebyme_x, who might like a bit of Sam-comfort; thank you for all your kind comments and your drabbles! Happy Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows to all.

Samhain, big red moon. Two boys grown through ten more tides; clinked El Sols, inked-on Kansan sky.

You remember--Dean says.

Sam looks at him. Half a leaf, oak maybe, hairstuck.

--when you thought I was dead? Dean says.

Which time? Sam sighs. Leaf tumbles.

Darkness, Dean says.

Sam’s shoulders inch up; mouth twist, twitch of an arch. Dean lets an arm drip quiet over his brother's back.

Yeah, Sam says, blinks the way he did--

when he was a kid, pre-monster, draped in a costume-shroud.

Yeah, Sam says.

The engine goes cool.

They drink to the dead.
Tags: gifts, maybe a story, not a genre

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