crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Ficlet 12 x 04: Fruit of the Mother Tree

Title: Fruit of the Mother Tree
Characters: Sam and Dean and Mary and others
Rating: gen
Spoilers: 12 x 04!!
Summary: earth mother goddess, Sam, and the devil

He's never really fantasized about it, until now. Sacred feminine is something that happens to the universe, to humanity, to the sun, to god, and well--to his brother. Toci, Minerva, Anu, Kali. Earth Mother Goddess, all of them.

He's never had a mother, that is--except the angel they've created, the lost huntress of Lawrence. Artemis.Stars in the firmament. Arrow shot straight out of it. Falling fire.


She's real to him now.

He wakes up with M words on the tongue: Mother Mary Magdalene Morningstar.


You're fucking kidding me, Dean says, when he finds them a case. After their mother comes and goes, taking the sun with her.

Sam makes tea and thinks, faint, that he does have a memory, infant-id-imprint, of her landlocked eyes, but he won't tell Dean that.

When he held his mother for the first time her hair smelled like weather, like winter; like home.

The drove towards a family that needed them.

Dean muttered about exits. He wanted a corn dog but he wouldn't stop. Even his fingers sulked.

It rained.

Sam read the road and thought about visions.

Later they landed on a gothic:

Homestead that held the devil, or his mother.

Horses. Fragrant straw.

Sam fell on his knees in it. They were skinned, and someone kissed them better.

Though no-one was there.

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