crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Poem: Displacement

As laughablelament wrote, we had a conversation about POV & narrative in which she confessed, "the author has a fixation on Dean", heh, and when I asked for more, other than the obvious, about why, she said: Fixation. So I had to write the Sam part. (Read "Fixation"-Dean first because so good--and no this brother-poem without the other!)

On A03.


Confess. Turn in.

Major guilt trip.
Pack light and drive
to hell, normal, California.
You have one chance.
Maybe you told yourself
look, honestly
it was better before
you were born, brother
in aversion, diversion
addiction, detour-
demonic, signs, flashes
foresights this is the last
of the family flame. Flip the
switch, rock the yes.
Soul affirmed.
Angelic averter.
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