crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Fic Rec (Poem Rec): Tongues

SPN's all about the living and the dead, right? And all the roads between those countries, and the languages spoken there. z_publicizes, author of Blood Will Out, crafter of gorgeous prose (and most excellent commenter), just wrote a beautiful poetic take on those travels (and mother and father and children and ghosts):

At spn_napowrimo: Tongues (Mary POV, 12 x02-12 x03)
At journal: Tongues

And if you have any poetic drabbles, prose poems, verse/verse-like things, experimental lyrical bits, spoken-word stream of consciousness-es (!), etc., laughablelament and I would love to see them over at spn_napowrimo!
Tags: joys, poem-things, spnapo
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