April 3rd, 2017

Poem rec: Taking, and what's your idea of poetic?

Title: Taking
Poet: laughablelament
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wincest
Tags/Warnings/Spoilers: incest kink
Prompt: "Taking some 'we' time." - Dean, 10.04 (Paper Moon)

Look at this sexy thing laughablelament posted at spn_napowrimo!  And by 'sexy' I don't mean the line breaks. (OK that too.)

We'd love some p
rompts or poems/poem-like things/lyrical drabbles/images/self-contained bits of fic/whatever's poetry to you! And speaking of  whatever's-poetry-to-you, I wanted to write about why z_publicizes' vignette Higher Learning reads like a poem to me, but haven't had the chance.  Also caranfindel's single-sentence fic and this drabble by madebyme_x! And also this: Feathers and Claws by themegalosaurus: image-heavy Sam-possession vignette inspired by indiachick's <3 prompt and with striking art by lennelle.

What's poetry/poetic to you? Or: any images/metaphors/lines etc. from fic that have really stayed with you? Recs? Self-recs? Feel free to post older stuff at spn_napowrimo too!