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Drabble: Crow Thirteen (cross-posted, spn_bigpretzel)

Title: Crow Thirteen
Genre: gen, drabble, list-y
Characters: Lisa, Dean, Ben, Sam
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Warnings/Spoilers: Refs to S5, 6
Summary:  Birds aren’t scary/take back the crows! (Written for spn_bigpretzel DEW drabble challenge; character: Lisa; theme: birds)

I.  Lisa, of a suburban Sunday, backyard flock, says,I don’t know,I’ve just always liked them.

II. (They’re not death, not Stull.)

III. There’s a birdfeeder; Dean fills.

IV. They bring gifts,

V.  Lisa says, strokes his back.

VI.  August,1988: Sam reads Backyard Book of Birds, points,crows, picks at flakes.

VII.  Baby’s salt-n-peppered, birdshit. One day they’ll laugh.

VIII.  From the garage sale downblock, Dean brings a pepper shaker, blackbird-shaped.

IX. They take Ben out: ice cream; action, PG--

X.  Crowcalls. Sam,eyes alight--

XI. Said once, smart-mouthed,

XII. Hitchcock demonized birds too much.

XIII.  Remembers the licorice.
Tags: not a genre
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