crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Poem: Heart Notes

Title: Heart Notes
Genre: gen, poet-ic
Warnings: reckless enjambment
Character: Sam
Summary: six different apocrine scenarios. grace.

laughablelament wants to know what Sam smells like; I tried!

Heart Notes

Evergreen devil-
cut, ambers, bourbon, stream-
licked pleurocarpi sifted grave-
loam, Kansas, Black Watch scored
fuzzed, gumstuck
floor of a Surplus;
six different apocrine scenarios
brothersweat handed-down
denim dusted pollen
coniferous highway 61 wayside
herb: Authenticity. Seasalt shaving
foam named for a mountain
bug-zap neon oldold
soul, paper, unleaded, bookspine,
glitter and monstergut
mashup, morning, blues, roasts,
lime, chalk, driveway
ketchup tar shoestring
desertleather, traces of
loess, loss, electrical
failure new keys old
car, coffee-leak cassette -crack
tent-flaps, a field. Psi.
Dog. Doom. First kiss, fire.
Fire. Accelerant and dorm-
detritus, once, lithium
salts that make a firework
red; tears, Visine, Flint,
flint, tears, shoulderswung
ballpeen, spark, picket
fence paint # 140, Angelic,
drydown animalic wolf
citrus, salt, citrus, snow,
brother, fever, handle
of Leatherman casing head
trauma, shell, silt, fried
circuit, chicken, oil,
holy. Then: grief (dead bud,
unwashed) bloodstain highway
hydrocarbon, vapor, fume
obliterati, forgotten
feather which is magic,
shame, keratin, anvil-to-
ground, then: hell. Corpus.
Reverence. Tallow. Candle.
Trunk leavings, parings, hex-
-skin corn chip onion,
brother, sad lettuce, sweet
tannin, brick, track, foundation.
Horse. Hayfield. Illinois,
memory of plasma
daemonicus, throatburnt
bonecell, blasts, Kansas. Then:
grace, trace of saying
no, not that, not –
hollowed-out place in which rests
rose, dog for sorrow, yarrow.
Then: Death, aftermath , scythe-
iron swung, bound; exhaust,
boots. Stamps. Hope. Home.

Tags: poem-things

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