crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Spring =Scoobynatural ... and Poems!

Who wants to join us over at spn_napowrimo for National Poetry Month?

Do you have a poem-ish drabble, poetic image, Sam-haiku, Dean-limerick, found poem of favorite SPN lines, lyric, epic, experimental verse--anything goes! (Not to put anyone on the spot, but madebyme_x ,do you have a new April drabble to share? Any new verse from z_publicizes? caranfindel, any mini-fics? amberdreams, any poems or prompts? ) Bring prompts if you've got them, including art!

I've been quiet lately, wordswise, but I hope to crank out some prompts and poems--and some comments I've been meaning to leave, and some conversation I've been meaning to join!

laughablelament is already hard at work over there.

Happy spring to all! 
Tags: poem-things, spnapo, writing talk

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