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hello, happy birthday laughablelament--and poetry!

I wanted to say:

Hello to everyone on my f-list (or who reads this), and how are you? What are you working on/thinking about? I've been working (a lot) on non-fanspace stuff and miss being in community. But I'm caught up on SPN and hope to spend more time here now!

Happy, happy birthday to my bestie, partner-in-poetry, and co-mod over at the re-vamped SPN Poetry Challenge spn_napowrimo, laughablelament! I just re-read some of my faves of hers: April Fools (series of five poems for last year's Poetry Challenge; starts out with the boys "southbound and down" in Tennessee, ends with domestic brotherhood and plates of classic American grub--with a detour for when Baby is happiest), In the Bones (Mary has a map, and meets Missouri), and Exorcism ("back-from-the-dead smut"). No matter what mode--poetry, comedy, fluff, smut--she's working in, her slant-and-visceral use of language, soulfulness, and gut-deep instinct for these characters gets me every time (ETA: If you were into the Dean & Ketch Apocaverse dynamic in 13 x18, and you want to read some sharp-edged (!) S12 Dean/Ketch with a side of witchcraft: LL's just-posted Fancy, written for the deanwbigbang, with art by blindswandive.)

If you want to write poetry with us for National Poetry Month, sign-ups are open here. (Prose poem, found poem, erasure, haiku, drabbles, images, oddball mini-epics, casepoems, lyrical mood-boards; if you think it's poetry, it's welcome--and we really want to celebrate short-ish and/or more experimental forms of all kinds.) Even if you don't want to sign up for the challenge, come over and join/post your stuff/play anytime!

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