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waypoint v destination, or why I want SPN to go home instead of going big for S15

One of things I love best about SPN is its collection of ephemera, its lost motels, its gravelly roadsides, the sleeves of plaids and the shakers of salt and the throwaway lines that don't make it onto the gifs.
I know it's an epic (love story, odyssey, gospel), but the great American road narrative has always been humble too, even if dipping your toes in the Mississippi and brooding on it sets off pretension alarms these days (Beto O' Rourke: looking at you ( :).

I want an SPN sendoff that goes smaller.

Dean's always (or whatever that means in 13+ years of canon) said he is going to, will, wants to, die bloody; Sam said in 13 x 20 that they'd die together, should it come to that. Blaze of glory, maybe. (And here, outside, in meta-land, J2 have said some similar things). But are those the only options? A happy, heavenly barista/barkeep AU would fit them even less than the long drop off a cosmic cliff. But what Winchesterland would? What would (maybe?) full-circle them to the shadows of a dorm room, a trunk, their close breath and their young grief and their driving off into the dark with smoke in their shirts and so many years of work to do? (Some might not care about the details as long as the big emotions are there and the boys are together. I will, though.)

I don't know. I don't have the strongest relationship with epic gestures, with deep-narrative landmarks. SPN season finales are not generally my favorites. 200 and 300 are not my favorites. I like endings (whether we're talking about poetry or fic or a whole TV series) that are intimate, that both close and open, that have strong closural force but that still invite the whispered conversation to continue, that evoke more stories even if we don't get to hear them, or if we have to write them ourselves. (and by that I don't necessarily mean: that are ambiguous. If that makes any sense.)

What kind of ending (or what kind of driver-picks-the-music to that destination) fits the Winchesters--and a world without? What would bring them home in the way they deserve? What would you want to see?
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