crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Poem: Hotel Arizona, Day of the Dead

amberdreams prompted a reverse-bang of her amazing art for kalliel's
"Sam dances with a skeleton" prompt on citrusjava's Halloween Meme. This version has formatting!

Hotel Arizona, Day of the Dead

These are your lost loves
     That’s what the sign says, a guttering
wreck-wing of place, just over the line
     in the land of the dead, or Arizona,
whichever comes first, deserted; there’s a cult
Sam says, of the missing, the murdered,
      and on this the day of tibias,
femurs, sixth ribs, this day of exes ringing
      the old peals they’ll catch them again,
all their criminals, their yellow-orbed
      blue-flamed backflash, set them to rights.
      And dance. Dance?
Dean says on the downbeat,
cuts the engine quick for the names
       of the departed, Sam says, spits sand
on the step for Mary for Charlie for Ellen for Jo
        for Annabel Lee, for good measure
because you read, sometimes,
     and Sammy
     here at this roadhouse
     of the damned
your first ghost
     is still the one you catch
and two-step cross the fissured floor
          without sorrow--
         that phosphorescent heart
of hers in your hands.
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