crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

Reflection: Revisionist

Genre: ep reflection, not-prose fairytale
Summary: Once you had a room of your own.
Once you walked into the woods.


“Zana, a fairy who resides in the woods, was…a big part of the Romanian folklore. The word comes from the Roman goddess Diana, the one with all the beauty, who gives it all away.”—Silvia Villalobos

I. Once there was a—
          well, there was a time,
boy, you had a room of your own
      into which they crept
the railroad hoboes
      of your dreams
      to port you to the place you aren’t
to break or save, unlock the dark
      or come back stripped
      rucksack and gun, boot-
      salted, desouled.
You take your guardian, child,
      that heartbroken hand,
and you walk.

II.  One more time, another--
brother sister sister brother
      a magic lockbox
      of prayer, yellow-
      flowered bedstraw tales
      of the unleashable
gods; once you walked into the woods
(brotherblood the love
of minor deity, the ones that haunt
the cedars, the forest edge, the cold
border of Wisconsin, everyplace
you’ve ever been), they are your--
  well, boy, there was a time you stayed
          to break and save.
If it had not happened it would not be told.

Tags: not a genre, poem-things

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