crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

2000 Miles

Genre: gen, verse-y
Characters: Dean, Sam, Baby
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: none

Word Count: 100
Cross-posted: written for the Big Pretzel Holiday Drabble Challenge
Summary: miles and years

Title from The Pretenders

This one's for laughablelament and "Drummer Girl". Happy happy holidays my friend!

Mile marker 48, too much blood.
It’s a gift, Sam says.
What, arterial spray?
Christmas, your brother says, and still right--
Here: Wipe his face. Wipe her dash.
Drive into the night.
Exit 21A. Eggnog coffee, awful.
Sam’s quiet mouth.
Tree lashed to sedan; little kid,
“Anarchy in the Pre-K” onesie. Baby
icicle-shines. Bang it out, Sid
Vicious, secret prayer. Crank it down.
Head south.
Smooth sailing, fresh weather.
Shake out the shoulders. Shake out the Sammy,
sleepy. Home for the holiday cheer,
Baby; wrap up your brother lean on each other,
thousands of miles and thousands of years.
Tags: poem-things
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