crowroad3 (crowroad3) wrote,

End-of-year/beginning-of-year joy

Some things (among many) that have given me joy in 2015:

amberdreams gorgeous, neon-haunted fill for kalliel's "dances with skeletons" prompt on citrusjava's Halloween meme: "dia de los meurtos".

alethiometry's beautiful Edward Abbey Desert Solitaire fall-colors Sam graphic.

ameliacareful's forboding, crack-of-the-pool-balls "Sam's Fortune."

quickreaver's cool,cool crow-window art for the beautiful "Go, Said the Bird", by elwarre.

cassiopeia7's dead-in-the-water art for steeplechasers' prompt on the ohsam triple-play challenge.

caranfindel's "Refrain" and "Coda".

frozen_delight's shimmering, heartbroken "Sand Between Our Toes", and all things frozen_delight.

kalliel's rich, Charlie-elegy-by-way-of-rebellion, "Wake, Memory", witchy, non-linear "Delicacy", and so much more.

laughablelament,friend, fellow fanpoet! Thank you for "Ashes,Embers"," Fixation", for all of your writing, for letting me ride shotgun, and for all the conversation and mutual inspiration.

spnspiration, and all the fanpoetry, experimental prose and other experimental/interstitial/cool stuff that is so much my jam.

Reading and writing for:

the ohsam triple-play challenge.

  citrusjava 's Halloween meme.

Big Pretzel's holiday and DEW challenges.

thank you to all the hosts/mods!

~all the inspiration, wordcraft, artcraft, creative community/gift economy of SPNfandom.Thank you much to all who make it so vibrant! Happy New Year!
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