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13 x 17: Still Point of the Moving World

For SPNaPo, for the prompt "Sam through Dean's eyes", I thought about Sam crashed over a book. Before the Post-its. Or maybe another time.

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Spring =Scoobynatural ... and Poems!

Who wants to join us over at spn_napowrimo for National Poetry Month?

Do you have a poem-ish drabble, poetic image, Sam-haiku, Dean-limerick, found poem of favorite SPN lines, lyric, epic, experimental verse--anything goes! (Not to put anyone on the spot, but madebyme_x ,do you have a new April drabble to share? Any new verse from z_publicizes? caranfindel, any mini-fics? amberdreams, any poems or prompts? ) Bring prompts if you've got them, including art!

I've been quiet lately, wordswise, but I hope to crank out some prompts and poems--and some comments I've been meaning to leave, and some conversation I've been meaning to join!

laughablelament is already hard at work over there.

Happy spring to all! 

happy birthday laughablelament & fic rec

Happiest of birthdays to laughablelament, bestie & partner-in-poetry! You gotta read this Dean-dreamwalk of hers, if you haven't!

"Day breaks. Sam flaps, floats them up onto the roof. Wings unfold, tremor and water flies.

“Dude,” Dean tries to bitch but Sam’s on him. Feathers for shade and Sam’s mouth, Sam’s teeth, Sam’s hips…

“Dean, wait.”

“Are you kidding me?” Concussion and blue balls. Bang-up dreamwalk, Winchester." --laughablelament, Bolide

Carrying On anthology of SPN fanpoetry

Greetings all!

I am behind in my SPN viewing, commenting, reading, fanspace-ing, and just about everything there is to be behind in...

but I am really excited to be part of this new project with fellow fanpoets, out on Amazon today, digital edition coming soon:

The Carrying On poetry anthology, edited by Welton B. Marsland, foreward by Kim Rhodes (who wrote, "consume it as you would a favorite food, or a lover" (!))

I hope to catch up with all the Bangs (!) soon. I'd love to hear about the writings or other things people are up to! What are you writing/reading/ hoping to do/thinking about? I'm not spoilerphobic if you want to talk about what's happening this season.

Summergen 2017 fic: As Other Birds

Title: As Other Birds
Rating : PG-13
Word Count : 2700
Warnings : children in danger
Spoilers: S12
Author’s Notes: For spn_summergen, withthedemonblood wanted Winchesters and Baneses, post 12 x20. Thanks to laughablelament, as always, and to the mods!

Summary : Two sets of brothers, a pair of witch twins, and the Pennsylvania woods. Or: what to make of a diminished thing.

On AO3
My spn_summergen gift from caranfindel is a conjuring: boys, woods, post-reaper blood magic. I was in the woods when I read it first, and though they were green, Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death took me straight out into the snow of a broken world. I love it so much. You want to read it if you haven't. <3

On AO3

Seasons SPN Fanfiction Anthology

Excited to support the campaign and be part of this project with fellow fanwriters!

Seasons Campaign

Four seasons of Supernatural in one collection!


12 x 21: Obliterati

Title: Obliterati
Genre: tag for 12 x 21, speculation, choose-your-own-adventure
Spoilers: S12, 12 x 21
Summary: Sam pats the wall once, says: then how's it gonna be?

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New Days

 How about a little Dean-and-the-road not-curtainfic for [personal profile] kalliel 's birthday? Happy birthday to you!! 
(no spoilers/warnings, Sam and Dean gen, a bit of hurt Dean)

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